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Foundation New Foundation Video

The new video release from Foundation titled "Art Bars: Subtitles and Seaguls" featuring Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Jon West, Kris Markovich, Mike Rusczyk, Daniel Shimizu and Justin Roy will be available X-Mas 2000.
Posted December 21st, 2000 by El Staffo

Foundation Foundation Amateur Interview

Justin Roy interogated on Check it biatch.
Posted December 21st, 2000 by El Staffo

Foundation Foundation

Buddyhead: Josh Beagle Interview. A candid interview with longtime Foundation agitator.
Posted December 21st, 2000 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Foundation

Expect to see The Foundation "The Good Times are Killing Me Summer 2000 Tour" in 411 coming up. There is also a tour video in the works as well as the epic Foundation video "Art Bars" Subtitles and Seaguls (yes we changed the name) due out for xmas 2000.
Posted December 21st, 2000 by Yuck Fou

Foundation F Video Release

For Immediate Release: Foundation Video Release Date Changed

After several meetings with Foundation team riders we have collectively decided to push back the release date of our new release, Art Bars: Subtitles and Seagulls. We have the working for an incredible video but feel that we would be releasing an incomplete and inferior video if we did so at this time. Ethan Fowler, Jon West, Justin Strubing, Kris Markovich, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Roy, Mike Rusczyk, Judd Hertzler, Tony DaSilva, and Omar Salazar. The Foundation team right now is the most rocking team we have ever had and we want have a complete video to match. As you are probably well aware of video delays Foundation has always strived to meet deadlines. We hope you can understand and can appreciate our efforts and desire to bring you the best video possible. We will be continuing with our extensive advertising campaign and will reschedule our international premiere plans till February.

Keep on rolling. Tod Swank, Josh Beagle and the entire Foundation Team.

Even though we pushed back the video we still had a preview party at Brian Schaefer's Skatepark of Tampa on Dec. 2nd. Here's a post note from Brian:

Just wanted to let you know the video premiere went great. There were over 200 people here for it. Immediately following the premiere we had three punk bands play, where we through out all the products you sent. There was a great response to the video and everyone was aware it was under construction.

Keep us in mind for the next video project and let's get some riders here for it.

Take care, Brian. Brian Schaefer Skatepark of Tampa

Posted December 5th, 2000 by El Staffo

Foundation Foundation

The Foundation 'These Good Times are Killing Me' tour was off the hook. The boys traveled over 5,000 miles and stoked over 20,000 kids. They gave away the most product of any tourÖever! It was 30 days and 18 demos of non-stop skating. The high speed skating of Kris Markovich destroyed everything in his path. He was seen doing huge backside 360 indy grabs out of one bowl and into another 10 feet away. The smoothest style Ethan Fowler was definitely a highlight for all to see. Backside lip sliding and 360 flipping everything. Justin Strubing was the champ at every demo. His high speed, highflying antics amazed all. Jon West had been underground up in Canada for a while, but came out strong for this tour. He was an unleashed annihilator. Everyone was amazed every time Daniel Shimizu threw down one of his mean ass hurricanes. Hurricanes are just one, in his hefty bag of tricks. Mike Rusczyk rocked every stop with his chest high flips and pop-shovits. Justin Roy abso! lutely had the most fun. He frontside krooked on demand. Big rails, small rails you name it. The women went crazy for him. Judd Hertzler was the master at finding the hardest obstacles and shredding them to pieces. His pristine style killed all. Justin Roy and Daniel Shimizu were having so much fun signing girls boobies, slamming Kris Markovich's beer bongs, shooting kids in the butt with a blowgun and being able to skate metropolises, that they stayed on the tour the entire time. Kris Markovich got a star & moon tattoo and both his shoulders. Daniel Shimizu got a tattoo of California on his arm and Justin Roy tatt'd his wrist with a band and a star & moon. Overall this trip was all about terrorizing demos, downtowns and themselves. It can all be seen on the new Foundation video Art Bars.
Posted December 1st, 2000 by Staff