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Foundation Rocket from the Crypt

I just got back from touring with these guys. They are my friends and they rock. Go buy thier new record, Group Sounds, now. Check their website for tour details. They are playing with International Noise Conspiracy from Sweden and The Explosion from Boston. Swank

Posted April 23rd, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation New Foundation Site now up!

That's right. The Foundation Skateboard Company website is now up. It's all dynamic so everytime you reload the page new content comes up. While it is our beta version mainly due to so much more that we are going to add.

Check out:

  • Rider information
  • the Chaos message board
  • Product information
  • Company news
  • Join the Secret Society?

    Lot's more coming including videos, history, photos, artwork, state of the skate and World's Biggest Skateboard, plus more.

    Check it biatch

    Posted April 23rd, 2001 by Yuck Fou
  • Foundation F Summer 2000 Tour Video

    The "These good times are killing me" summer 2000 tour video is just about complete. The Mad scientist Josh Beagle is putting together the Foundation tour video “These Good Times are Killing Me”. Tod Swank gives it 4 stars, “It’s a perfect follow up to ART BARS.” Also, watch out for ART BARS on DVD, containing never before seen (boobie) footy.
    Posted April 17th, 2001 by Yuck Fou