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Foundation Ethan Fowler loves you.

Come shoot the shit with Ethan Fowler on the FOSKCO shit shootin messageboards. He will be there, this Monday June 25th, at 4pm westcoast and 7pm eastcoast. You love him and he loves you, there!

In case you missed it. Here's the chaos that insued.

Notify all wood pushers.

Posted June 21st, 2001 by el staffo

Foundation New Yuck Fou web site plus

Submit your Foundation artwork ! That's right I am getting my own website so I can wreick havoc on the web. There's just a wack flash thing there now but expect games graphics, the iconoclasts and more shit!

Submit ! Send in artwork, photos, wacked weird shit that's F themed and we'll post it at Attach web ready images to

Posted June 21st, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Foundation Tattoos for free gear!?!

Do you have a Foundation tattoo? If you do send us a quality photo of it and if it's real we will send a free deck. Oh yea, thought we wouldn't. Send to

All submissions must be authentic and we have the right to refuse any ify toos. Further proof of authenticity may be required to redeem offer. One deck per tattoo. No pussy crap. We have final right to refuse.

Posted June 19th, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Foundation Chaos Tour.

The Foundation Chaos tour: The Foundation tour is tentatively being worked on right now. Rumor is the F Glam Boys will be creating Chaos and spreading the FOSKCO word through out Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, then down through the dirty south, back up along the east coast, then hit Ohio, Nebraska, and Colorado on the high road home. If you draw the route on a big ass map it looks like an abstracted lightning bolt……of some sorts. More info on the way.
Posted June 12th, 2001 by el staff-leee-o

Foundation Understood Artshow.

Understood Artshow. Understood is an Artshow and silent auction benefiting the Storefront, which is an emergency youth shelter. Over 50 artists were asked to showcase their talents using Foundation skateboards as their medium. Some of the artists include Chris Pastras, The Gonz and Kris Markovich. Understood will be on Sat, June 23rd and Sunday June 24th at the SD Center for Moving Arts, located at 3255 Fifth Ave, in Hillcrest, San Diego. For more info call 619-965-0780.
Posted June 12th, 2001 by el staFFFFFo

Foundation Judd Hertzler had a boy!

A couple months ago, we were telling you that Judd Hertzler was having a baby. We’ll guess what? It’s hatched! Judd gave birth to a healthy 6 pound baby boy. His name is Nathaniel and he’s ready to skate. Blue gum cigars for everyone.
Posted June 12th, 2001 by el jive sukka foo.

Foundation F Tour Video on sale now!

The Foundation Tour video from summer 2000 aptly titled "The Good Times are Killing Me" is now available for sale. Starring the F Crew including Markovich, Fowler, Shimizu and the rest wrecking havoc across America. Blow darts, tattoos, naked autographs and more.

Demand from your local skate shop.
Check the Official Video Page.
Buy Now.

Posted June 5th, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Foundation on Bluetorch TV!

Bluetorch TV will be airing clips from the new acclaimed Foundation Video, Art Bars: Subtitles and Seagulls. Starting June 4th for a week and again in 3 weeks(the week of the 25th of June). Everyday at 4pm, Fox Sports Net. It doesn't matter what time zone you are in, its on at 4:00 PM everywhere. There is also a late night repeat at 1:30 or 2am depending on your cable provider.

See these links for more info.
Art Bars
Bluetorch TV

Posted June 4th, 2001 by Yuck Fou