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Foundation Pickings from the Glam Boys.

Watch out you hoosers! Around the middle of April the Glam Boys are setting out and up to Vancouver, BC for the Slam Jam contest on May 3rd. They''''re sticking close to the west coast hitting spots along the way through California, Oregon and Washington. No set demos, so if you want to catch this band of traveling marauders you''''ll have to be on your toes. Keep an eye on your most bang''''n spots and parks, cause these guys aren''''t messing around with no curb checkers.

Checkout some photos from the Foundation Tour in Puerto Rico. Pictures

Justin Strubing is feeling a lot better after being sick for a few weeks with something awful he picked up from South America in which he lost 20 lbs. Nothing can keep this guy down, Justin Strubing is invincible. Now better, Justin will be working on his Big Brother interview and finishing up his part for the new Emerica video coming out soon. Is a shoe in the works for Justin?

Pick up the new 411 DVD issue 49 and check out the Foundation''''s Tragic Hysteria Tour Section. It always looks like those F guys have so much fun? Watch the section today! Watch the CHAOS!!!!!!!

Foundations new "POP TOP" board construction is getting rave reviews all over the world for it''''s strength, pop, and durability. You have to check them out!

The Foundation Team is hammering out a section for the controlled chaos in 411 issue 52. Look out for the Chaos coming soon.

Daniel Shimizu has been working on a Rosemead video with his ripping friends up in Rosemead.

Jon West recently finished Filming and Editing The Board Kennel video which is his local shop up in White Rock B.C. This video is really good with a lot of 16mm film.

Tony Silva is all better from a tweaked ankle and is looking forward to going on the upcoming West Coast Chaos Tour. Come out and see Tony kill everything in his path.

Ethan Fowler is working on a long awaited Trans World interview and the rumors are that it will be amazing! This should be coming out in the next few months. Ethan has been on fire all winter and is very excited about all of the upcoming tours he will be on this year. Ethan is also in Australia shredding the World Cup contest with his laid-back style. Ethan''''s new Vans shoe is done so be on the lookout for one of the best new skate shoes ever designed, not to dope and very durable, it''''s a beauty!

Mike Rusczyk will be skating again soon but in the meantime is will be seen riding his bicycle building up his knee muscle damage by a torn ACL and Surgery.

Posted February 27th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Vote for your favorite decks.

The Foundation and BD4D deck design submissions are now over. All of the submissions have been counted and there is a whopping 1300 deck designs. Go to to vote for your favorite. The top 40 votes will then be narrowed to 5 winners by our prestigous panel of judges. The 5 winners will get their design printed on a board. Now go vote sukka fishes!
Posted February 6th, 2002 by el ztaffo