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Foundation Duffel on Droors

They are sporting him the flow for the moment but have him in line for the full monty. Rock on.
Posted April 30th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Chaos tour update.

Report from Charlie Thomas. On the road....

Foundation crew crushes Oregon in one day. Tony Silva grinded a corner kinked rail. That's right a kink that goes around a corner. Corey Duffel was the tough guy of the day with a k-grind, backside 50-50, and feeble on a super kinked rail with steps as long as sidewalks. As if this was not enough, he did a front side board slide on a 12-stair rail with little or no room for landing. He then kick flipped over a quite large street barrier with a sign and a sand bag as a launching pad. This was all accomplished in one day.

The whole F crew then proceeded to destroy the Department of Skate Works Park in Portland. They shook some hands at skate shop Cal's Pharmacy and called it a day. They’re on their way to Exit Real world Salem, OR to decimate the remainder of the state. Now why do they call Oregon the beaver state?

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation FOSKCO news.

Daniel Shimizu just bought a new sleek black Civic 2002. If you see him coming get off the sidewalk immediately! Currently Daniel has some good stuff in the works for TWS, so keep your eyes peelin on and off the road.

It’s officially official! Corey Duffel is now an official Glam Boy. If you did not know already the controversial and amazing rider of the boards Mr. Corey Duffel is the Foundation Skateboards newest rider and in FULL effect. Dubbed the “loose cannon” on Foundation, Corey is ready to take over. Check out his bio page for details, drawings and photos.

Corey is all healed up now from his encounter with the jocko rocko and is out shreeeding again. Word on the street is something about an 18 stair to huge drop. Amazing! Look out for that shit soon!

Justin Strubing is feeling much better and is starting to roll around. Look for him on the cover of the new monsterskate catalog.

Ethan Fowler has also been very busy. Right now he’s working on a Pro Spotlight and a video part for TWS. Both of which are sure to be daft punk.

Jon West stopped by last week and hung around the headquarters for a couple days. Some heavy sessions went down everyday after work. Jon drove down from BC and was on a little mini tour for himself his girl and his baby. Hold up! Jon’s girl is 7 months along and the baby is not born yet, but it’s coming soon. If it looks anything like Jon and his girl, it will be gorgeous!

Tony Silva just accepted sponsorship on RVCA. This new clothing company is taking over!

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Crank records and Foskco.

Foskco's ever evolving mission to build the secret society, has teamed us up with some great underground revolutionaries and this one is no different. Foundation and crank records has joined forces to keep the movement alive and would like to giveaway some free stuff. That is (of course) if you want some free stuff. Just go to crank! A RECORD COMPANY and enter to win! It's so easy, when everybodies try to please me, baby. Crank has some good tunes, so I'd suggest hanging around their site after you enter and listen to some of their bands. We wouldn't do a contest with just anyone. Would we?
Posted April 9th, 2002 by el ztaffo