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Foundation Dude! Where's the tour update?

latest word from the tour in Germany is that it is going very well. Great demos yesterday and day before as well as great photos and filming. Shops, team, photographers, distributors, kids are stocked. I think it will continue. Germany was the first real stop, as before that was the contest in Copenhagen, then only 1 day in Sweden which was very late notice. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very organized for this now and we will see great results I believe.
Posted June 28th, 2002 by Robert Hourmont

Foundation Dude! Where's My Board? Tour Update.

The report from the road so far is that the guys are enjoying themselves a lot and hitting every european hirsute spot. The glam boys have only really been at the Copenhagen contest and 1 1/2 days in Gothenburg, Sweden, which went very well. Today was their first day in Germany after arriving very late last night, as I guess they didn't want to leave the beautiful Swedish women!!!

Look for photos and an article of the Austrian leg of the tour coming up in YeYo Magazine.

Stay tuned for more. If you were at any of the demos, please send a report of your glam boy experience to

Posted June 26th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation FOSKCO transcends above the rest.

Jon West is skateboarding’s newest dad. She is beautiful! Amelie Jean West. Welcome to the world! Congratulations Jon!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Foundation Vancouver trip article coming up in the next Thrasher. Also, Corey Duffel has an interview in the same issue.

Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, and Tony Silva will all be going on a three-week tour called "DUDE WHERE'S MY BOARD" in Europe flying out June 18th. They will be terrorizing all the European contest, attending press meeting, Autograph signing, and doing demos during their visit.

Ethan Fowler has just finished up a TWS interview so keep an eye out because it will blow your minds! He is also working on a TWS video part.

Corey Duffel recently visited San Diego "home of the Foundation" and during his 3 week stay managed to kill every spot he was taken to. He shot a Thrasher interview, Shot a 20 questions for TWS, Finished up a Slap Interview and filmed at least 8 minutes of amazing footage which will be used in foundation Controlled Chaos for 411 video magazine issue 54, and he will be getting a part in the new Thrasher Video. Great Job Corey! When is this kid going pro?

Gareth, also known as Dance Floor Gary is Foundation’s flow rider from New Zealand, he and Corey Duffel were recently seen in a Tijuana strip club getting falaish and avoiding the mexicano Fupa’s. Gareth was rocking with 2 chicks on the dance floor while Corey rolled on stage and was slapping stripper booty. Josh Beagle and Mike Page were dispersing dolla billz. Pure comedy! Mexico style!

Tony Silva's ankle is heeled and he is ready for summer world domination! Keep an eye out for him in Europe on the "Dude Where's my Board tour" in June and on the "Madness and Mayhem tour" in August!

Justin Strubing is back to 110% now and is already in Spain skateboarding some of the finest spots in the world. Then he’s off to connect with the F team for the Dude! Where’s My Board? Tour of Europe.

Mike Rusczyk is back on his board after an 8-month injury and is already skating like nothing ever happens! What! You can't stop a natural! See him on tour in August with the rest of the Foundation team.

Foundation is coming out with premium t-shirts they are a lot thinner and fit a lot better, hurray! Say goodbye to itchy, thick, boxy fitting, cardboard feeling old T-shirts!

Foundation's patented "POP TOP" boards are a big success. Nothing is stiffer, longer lasting, and has more pop than the POP TOP! Test one out yourself and be amazed. A Pop Top pro series is now in the works!

After Europe the Foundation team will be doing a California tour called "29 DAYS OF MADNESS AND MAYHEM". The team will be tour the whole state of California doing demos, shooting photos, and autograph signing. Be on the Look out!

Keep an eye out for all the new products at the Tum Yeto trade show site during the ASR show!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Foundation Team goes to Europe!

Hi Tod,

Everyone is off to Europe, They all asked me to thank you for sending them all there. They are all super stoked they got to go. They are going to kick butt over there!

The F news will be taken care of today and the catalog is coming together quite nicely.

I'm going to finish up the controlled chaos for 411 today. If you need me I will be in the editing room.

Peace out,


Posted June 18th, 2002 by Swank

Foundation Amelie Jean West.

Jon West is skateboarding’s newest dad. She is beautiful! Amelie Jean West. Welcome to the world! Congradulations to Jon!
Posted June 4th, 2002 by el stork