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Foundation Report from the Foundation European tour.

A fan from Belgium once said.....
Just wanted to tell you guys the foundation riders threw down a massive demo in our park. Corey was ruling the big ledge even though he had the flu. He's a very friendly guy by the way under all the rock-steez. Justin ran some smooth lines in the new funramp and was very friendly as well, great attitude. Leo Romero is simply amazing, he kept on skating for another hour after most of the guys went back to the hotel, or to the coffeshops in Holland to buy grass, as Corey was still watching from the side. Leo is great and showed us like 30 diff tricks on the little handrails, with amazing consistency, great style and enormous ease. It's great to see Foundation still doing their own thing and having great riders with the mentality it takes to keep on loving skateboarding, well away from the big time hype it's been in for the last couple of years. The atmosphere was very relax, the demo was very impressive, thanks for a great day!
Posted May 22nd, 2003 by A fan from Belgium

Foundation New F+ concave from Foundation.

Corey Duffel has been experiencing some badass new campaigns lately. First it was the Gimmie, Gimmie a graphic contest, in which Ed Syder from Manchester England won $500 in Foundation gear. Look for some photos and an interview of Ed on in the upcoming short weeks.

Plus, Corey just scored a punching bag of his likeness. A not quite 6ft tall bag in which you too can beat him like a wrestling couch. Bags are only available to skate shops (one per shop) and only available to kids through our online partners - , , and . Price is $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Only 600 punching bags were made so these are limited and are running out fast!

It's time for Foundation's European Vacation tour! Ethan Folwer, Corey Duffel, Daniel Shimizu and Leo Romero are going to the smorgasboard of European countries. Which include England, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Germany and France. In that order on May 13th - June 10th. Check out for exact dates and locations.

Slam City Jam was fun. The first day Corey killed the course and qualified 1st in his heat to semi finals. He had 2 solid runs with explosive tricks "he killed it"! The next day he fell on 2 tricks in his run and just missed the 20 cut. He was skating so good all weekend and when he wasn't skating he was signing autographs. He was getting mobbed by kids the whole time. He definitely kicked ass "signed probably a few thousand autographs" and made a great impression for the Foundation.

F+ is a new Foundation concave. It's a deep elongated concave that gives you more of a consistent feel from nose to tail. A stiffer, snappier longer lasting board! The area between nose and tail has been reduced to give a truer nose and tail from the truck (no more big flat spots).

Posted May 14th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Foundation Tum Yeto website winner!!!!!!

It's that time of the month again! Time to announce the site contest winner for the month of April. This months winner (Anthony Mann) hails all the way from New Jersey. Neew Joesey! Anthony wins the Foundation box packed with a classic 7.5 board, a pair of Da work shorts, a classic reissue of the Whippersnappers tee and a set of classic 53mm wheels and of course some stickers and a banner. All this to go along with the east coast steez. Anthony emailed me back with his sizes (as all winners know) and then immediatly said "when do I get my prizes". Jeez, not even a thank you. Thats ok though, Anthony is a good kid rocking the F!
Posted May 6th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Foundation FOSKCO at Street Machine!

Street Machine

Foundation Skateboards, or FOSKCO as its more affectionalty called, has team'd up with Street Machine for an autograph signing. All details are on the flyer that is above this text, but you can only see it if you look. That's why we make these things.

Posted May 2nd, 2003 by This weekend!!