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Foundation Foundation is kicking out the jams in 2004!

Yo, some info on Ethan Fowler’s new band, The Weekend Blacks. Ethan brought in a CD and I got to listen to it. It’s very good stuff, I’m not a professional music reviewer so here goes….Rock and Roll! Straight up good rock and roll.
Other than that Ethan’s been busy filming and buying and selling stereo equipment.

Corey Duffel’s Sessions pant is finally completed. Look for it in shops in at this trade show and then in shops in a couple months. It also comes in a black and white pen stripped.

Corey has also been heavily involved in designing his first shoe for 88. With much labor it will finally be done and in the new 88 catalog this ASR, its called the Avenger.

In other Corey news, he’s filming for the new Clayton video; a local video of him and all his friends. It will be called ‘beware of the FUPA’, and it will be totally awesome! Plus, Corey just got a new sponsor, a new sunglass company called Hoven. Consisting of Corey Duffel, Scott Bourne and Jason Jesse.

Posted January 26th, 2004 by dookie boy

Foundation Leo's Birthday photos.

Leo was kind enough to let me jack his photos and put his private moments on the web for everyone to see. Hopefully in the future Leo will bring in more and more photos of his exploits and we will have an on-going "Leo's exploits" slideshows.

Go to slideshows idiot.

Just kidding, you're not an idiot, you're a retardo, no seriously just kidding, we love you, not. Dumbass.

Posted January 8th, 2004 by el ztaffo