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Foundation World's Biggest Skateboard - Claim 100710

We have finally received notice that the Foundation World's Biggest Skateboard will be accepted into the World's Guiness Book of Records as the largest functional skateboard. This after lost applications, changing GBR employees and our own neglect. But alas, Tum yeto staffer, Mike Page, has finally pushed it through.

Note from GBR received today: I'm the person at Guinness World Records who's responsible for all records relating to big vehicles etc. I've just received your world record claim for the world's largest skateboard, and I'm pleased to say that I would like to approve it as a new world record. However, I require one or two more pieces of information before I will be able to do so, so I'd be grateful if you could tell me....etc I look forward to hearing from you.


Hein le Roux Adjudicator / Researcher Guinness World Records Ltd

Stay tuned for finalization. We'll keep you posted.

Posted September 27th, 2004 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Foundation news and a new video?

Ethan Fowler now rides for Boeing. And just purchased a mansion in Florida that he is converting to a circus tent. Usually he can be found at the hotspot, kickflip nosegrind. It’s his time to really shine. I think he has a new shoe on vans so go looking and perhaps you shall find. RVCA is making clothes for him and he will look very cool, even cooler if that is possible.

Introducing…Tommy Gurrolla. A fresh young ripper out of So Cal San Diego. We welcome him to AM status. Watch for him in the follow up video “After Life”. A full length Foundation video due out in Feb 2005.

Corey Duffel is going under the knife for surgery on his wrist within the next wek or two. He has to get a bone graft from his hip put into his wrist. At the same time! Corey’s also neen filming for the 88 video. During which he cracked his head open the other day. Are these bad omens or the sign of an amazing video? If Corey can stay alive the 88 video “Destroy Everything Now” will be premiering this Halloween. You can expect full parts from Corey aswell as Pig Wood AMs Mark Gutterman and Adrian Mallory.

Corey’s yeahyeahyeah jean will be available in denim colors this October and his 88 shoe is in stores now. Corey has designed a new one that will be shown around spring time, it has some neat features. Ya will be surprised.

The Foundation Team is up in Portland visiting long time team rider Ethan Fowler who just moved back up there after a 2 year stint in San Diego. The team is working on it's upcoming video "Afterlife" which is a follow up to That's Life" due out in February.

Posted September 23rd, 2004 by Tody-Ma-Gody