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Foundation Vans Downtown Showdown

Image Description Here Come Check out the whole Foundation Team. Remember last year when Angel won best am and toy machine won the overall award. Watch one of the most unique skate contests around when Vans webcasts the 2nd Annual Downtown Showdown Sunday, September 3 at 4 pm PST. We've invited top skateboard companies and their riders to submit designs for one of four obstacles as part of the Showdown, set in the backlot at Paramount Studios. We then asked each company to bring their team to fight it out for an $85,000 prize purse. Who: The top teams in skateboarding, including Alien Workshop, Baker, Birdhouse, Element, Enjoi, Foundation, Girl, Real, Toy Machine and Zero. What: Each team will session four unique, custom-made obstacles in a round-robin format with awards going out for top team, best pro, rookie of the year and best performance by obstacle. Obstacles: Enjoi - Dick Gauntlet Real - Hella Hyphy Bank Girl - Mini Mega Element - Double Down When: Sunday, September 3 at 4:00 pm PST (sorry, the event is invite only as space is tight!)
Posted August 30th, 2006


For your viewing pleasure... images from a nice art show in Encinitas CA last weekend entitled "Cattywhompus" .It featured art works by Peter McBride and CHIVO. I know cuz I was totally there.
Posted August 30th, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation A Zombie Message

Image Description Here
Posted August 23rd, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Tommy's new deck sample

look i got 2 hats Tommy came in last week to check out his new board sample. Looks pretty good huh? Imagine how fast he could carve through some cones on that deck. Check him in action over at the Vans website. They threw up a new demo video from last weekend where he shredded. Click here
Posted August 23rd, 2006

Foundation Gareth Stehr...

gets BONErLESS! photo by jeff"ineedadrink" morris Image Description Here CA is coming
Posted August 22nd, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Matt Allen wins best overall performance at...

Back To The Banks. Last Saturday August 19th, Matt Allen entered all the events and placed the highest out of everyone. Taking home $1,000. Good job Matt!
Posted August 22nd, 2006

Foundation Vans/Pharmacy demo Tomorrow!

Image Description

Nows your chance to see Angel and Tommy in person.

Posted August 18th, 2006

Foundation Mike Rusczyk has a famous website...

no not LIGHTS!

Its the site of the week on SKATEDAILY.NET!

go check it out nerds.
Posted August 15th, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation 180 degrees of seperation

Gareth Stehr in a photo by jeff "ineedadrink" morris

Image Description

CA is coming
Posted August 8th, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Fudgezilla!

Foundation Super Secret Members Only Artist Society dude Travis "Fudge" Millard went to Japan recently
for the Hitten Switches collab with Michael Sieben presented by Volcom. Check out the coverage here

Image Description
Posted August 2nd, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Angel of Oz

Image Description

CA is coming
Posted August 2nd, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Who Needs Who?

Image Description Image Description

This Saturday, August 5th! Don't miss the "Who Needs Who?" show at Unitard, from 8pm to 12am.
Featuring all new work from: Edwin Smalling and Derek Erdman.
1st Street will be closed for construction, however, taking 2nd street to Hewitt, you can't miss it!

check or call: 213 926 5034 for more info!
Posted August 2nd, 2006 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Foundation News...

Team Happenings

Corey Duffel is a busy man. After already logging China, Europe, and Colorado in the past couple of months he is now appearing in Houston, TX with Gareth and the Nuge for demos and autograph signings. Pipeline and Stoked skate shop are hosting on the 5th and 6th of August.

Don Nguyen cannot be stopped. Just joining the Foundation team recently he has proven himself to be very worthy. A skateboarder magazine online interview, a 411vm 14-3 part, and a 6-page Skateboarder #30 article all in the past month! Be on the look out for this guys first ever Foundation Pro Model and Pig Wheel.

Gareth Stehr is going on a sober rampage. Not allowing himself to drink until the video drops. This means very productive skateboarding from this man.

Mike Rusczyk has joined fellow Pig Wheel rider Adam Crew up in Seattle, WA for a top secret filming mission to log as much footage possible for the Foundation video.

Ethan Fowler is a writer! After recently being in Europe with the rest of the guys for a tour of Foundation demos Ethan found himself behind the typewriter. Completing a tour article of the trip for the newest Skateboard Mag September #30.

Matt Allen has been getting good at writing his own name. Being taken all over the US with Emerica, Matt has been flocked upon by kids wanting his name written on anything and everything. With demos and signings Im wondering how this kid logged so much footage already for the new video.

Angel Ramirez is finally home. After being sent to crazy places with Vans he is now comfortably back home filming in Colorado with the homies. Im sure youve seen all his coverage. You cant really miss it. Its in every magazine

Tommy Gurrola Recently had a photo of a monster kick flip in the Thrasher Photo Issue. His part in the new Foundation video will surely not disappoint.

Posted August 1st, 2006