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Foundation Team update

Image Description Here Ethan Fowler has been in LA ever since the San Diego Foundation premiere. Most recently attending the Foundation party in LA at Clints warehouse. Showcasing his guitar skills. Corey Duffel just finished up a Slap interview and is working on a couple top secret video parts to follow Cataclysmic Abyss. Stay tuned for details. Gareth Stehr just flew up to Portland Oregon yesterday to meet up some Veece Clothing dudes. From Oregon they will go to Arizona. Wrapping up the trip on the 13th. Don Nguyen has been keeping busy after Cataclysmic Abyss. Helping set up the recent LA party. He's enjoying his time hanging out with his new dog Lucifer. Mike Rusczyk recently recovered from a injury and is now ready to get on the streets and skate. Recently moving to a new location Santa Rosa, California. Sierra Fellers got on the 13 hour flight to Australia yesterday. Arriving in Melbourne to shred the Globe Double Set contest. Matt Allen has also been recovering from a injury. Some dumbass ran his car into Matts about 2 weeks ago. Matt only suffered minor injurys and will be fully ripping asap. Angel Ramirez has been busy accomplishing the No Worries of the year award presented by Thrasher. Follwing that award he figured he should probably get out of Colorado for a bit and shred the gnar in California. Look for a Angel sighting soon. Tommy Gurrola is coming off his first video part. Shooting a couple photos here and there. Getting ready to go up to SF for a little week long trip. Abdias Rivera traveled up to LA to shoot some photos and film with fellow Pig Wheels rider Dyson Ramones. From there he will make his way up to Duffels to get gnar for a couple weeks.
Posted February 28th, 2007

Foundation up close and personal

Image Description Here With David Reyes and Don Nguyen. David just returned from a Circa South America trip last week. Hes now shredding the streets of San Diego and LA on the regular.
Posted February 28th, 2007

Foundation Top secret premiere....bro

Image Description Here Last saturday at Clints warehouse in LA, Foundation Skateboards presented its highly controversial video Cataclysmic Abyss to a very selective audience. Ethan rocked the place with his band and Gareth dished out a couple high fives with Harmony.
Posted February 27th, 2007

Foundation dropping hammers

Image Description Here Abdias sent me this picture that this dude Bart took. Even though its only a 5 stair rail and he was totally joking, its still pretty gnarly. Nosegrind tailgrab.
Posted February 26th, 2007

Foundation introducing Nuge's dog

Image Description Here Lucifer Nguyen
Posted February 23rd, 2007

Foundation no subject

Image Description Here Nuge and Sierra hanging out. Nuge got a new dog somewhat recently. Named it Lucy. Short for something else. I will introduce her to the website tomorrow maybe.
Posted February 22nd, 2007

Foundation Ethan looks shocked

Image Description Here but i dont know why?
Posted February 21st, 2007

Foundation Sierra rocking the meow shirt

Image Description Here Its actually called Cat Lore. You should buy it.
Posted February 20th, 2007

Foundation does this guy know it was a joke?

Image Description Here Or is Cataclysmic Abyss a real band? Hmm I'm starting to ask myself even after seeing it up there with all those legit(kinda) bands.
Posted February 19th, 2007

Foundation you know that song...

Image Description Here Why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends? Well that song is deffiently not about Duffel and Garrett Hill.
Posted February 19th, 2007

Foundation Filmbot Fridays with...

Image Description Here Tony Hawk! just kidding. Sean Conover Photo and video courtesy of Mikendo.
Posted February 16th, 2007

Foundation Friends

Image Description Here Abdias, David, and Duffel hanging out.
Posted February 16th, 2007

Foundation a interview with a pop icon

Image Description Here Dont get caught sleeping on our new am Abdias. Hes got a interview over at the skateboardindustry website. All Abdias photos courtesy of Bart Jones on the Skateboardindustry website. Thanks Bart!
Posted February 15th, 2007

Foundation a night with Angel

Image Description Here I met up with Angel for the Foundation video premiere a couple weeks ago. Followed him around until the video ended. It went from this to this to this. In a matter of a hour. Nice. Image Description Here
Posted February 15th, 2007

Foundation some dudes from Downtown skateshop in ID

Image Description Here From a Cataclysmic Abyss Premiere
Posted February 14th, 2007 by Christian

Foundation Corey gets Slap cover

Image Description Here Image Description Here Duffel gets cover and a 20 page interview in the newest issue of Slap magazine. Next time you see him give him a high five for me. I live in San Diego and he lives in Duffel Land(not san diego).
Posted February 14th, 2007

Foundation the shark board was present

Image Description Here During the open house the shark board was in full effect. Look for a fuel tv segment someday involving crazy ramps being built at tum yeto throughout the whole warehouse.
Posted February 13th, 2007

Foundation South America and Logo Wars

Image Description Here Mr Reyes went to South America with Circa. Sierra stayed home because he was feeling ill after Tampa Am. David has emailed me some info on the trip so far. Most of it is sketchy but heres how he ended his conversation with me. Anybody know what movie its from? p.s she looked at his shoes...nice she looked at his bling...nicee she looked at his dong...very niceeee Image Description Here Look how good we did in the Logo wars this month? We arn't sure how we did it but we'll take it. Seeing how Element has Muska and we have Corey does that mean Duffel has reached pop icon status along with Abdias? Nice!
Posted February 9th, 2007

Foundation at the pool hall

Image Description Here I like to steal pictures from other people. Found this one on the vans website. Hey its cool though atleast Tommy rides for them. This was taken in tampa at some pool hall.
Posted February 9th, 2007

Foundation what a nice background

Image Description Here Image Description Here I hope Angel and the rest of Colorado had fun at the Foundation premiere last night there. The Northern California premiere is tonight.
Posted February 8th, 2007

Foundation wednesday update

Image Description Here Heres a picture of the dinner the team had before the Foundation premiere in San Diego. Everyones friends and family came. Didnt get too out of control. Oh by the way you know how i said the Cataclysmic Abyss premiere list would be up soon? Well it is up now.
Posted February 7th, 2007

Foundation these stickers got put everywhere

Image Description Here Including Sierras back when he wasnt looking.
Posted February 6th, 2007

Foundation Duffel stars in new movie

Image Description Here Looks like some rip off Shrek movie. Actually this is a photo of Duffel and Rhino from the Foundation premiere.
Posted February 5th, 2007

Foundation our new am looks so confident.

Image Description Here ooor not.
Posted February 5th, 2007

Foundation sneak peak at Nuge's part

Image Description Here Image Description Here Cataclysmic Abyss Shop Premiere list should go up by monday. Check for a premiere near you! Mondayish.
Posted February 2nd, 2007

Foundation Foundation Flow program is blowing up...

Yeah..David Reyes and Sean Conover are pretty tight, but have you seen the latest installment to the F troop? this dude is as tech as it gets.
Posted February 1st, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Abdias Official Press Release

Image Description Here
Posted February 1st, 2007

Foundation F Photo Blog updated

Image Description Here
Posted February 1st, 2007

Foundation Check out Duffels part in the new vid

Image Description Here Here it is. A picture of his part from the premiere. High Five.
Posted February 1st, 2007

Foundation more celebrity skateboarders stopped by...

Image Description Here Zeros Sheldon Meleshinski and Anti Heros Ian Gow for are open house last week.
Posted February 1st, 2007