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Foundation Kick out the jams with Foundation and Active!

In addition to a Cataclysmic Abyss premiere and team signing..Michael Davis of the legendary MC5 will be at Active Westwood tomorrow @ 8pm to sign and giveaway goods to celebrate the recent Foundation/MC5 Corey Duffel collaboration. The video starts at 7pm sharp! Be there or you are blowing it!
Image Description Here
Posted March 30th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation traveling with Abdias

Image Description Here abdias went from San Diego to San Francisco to Arizona all within the past month or so. This was taken at Coreys house right before he headed out to Arizona for PHXAM.
Posted March 30th, 2007

Foundation Secret Beasts!

Check out the Foundation Secret Beast decks and softgoods featured in the new SLAP. And while youre at it..go look at the artists website, IMAKETHINGS. Image Description Here
Image Description Here
Posted March 29th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation Go Team

Image Description Here Image Description Here I came across this interesting information in the newest issue of Transworld Business. Its kind of complicated on how they judge things like this. But whatever, Duffel is number 1.
Posted March 29th, 2007

Foundation updates

Image Description Here Image Description Here I scanned in a orginal video so you could see how neat it looks. Notice the glare, yeah its the real dvd. The video website has a couple new updates. Including music credits, wallpapers, photo gallerys and more! Check back later for a contest involving all the hidden images in the video.
Posted March 29th, 2007

Foundation new Thrasher goods

Image Description Here Make sure to check out the new Thrasher when you get a chance. Its filled with Foundation riders.
Posted March 28th, 2007

Foundation i got nothing

Image Description Here I snapped this photo when Sierra wasnt looking at Coreys house recently. Its a pretty bad photo i will be the first to admit. Oh well. On a positive note, Sierra won the best trick contest at Pheonix Am yesterday with a nollie bigspin lipslide down the rail.
Posted March 26th, 2007

Foundation another F rider with a cover of a mag this month

Image Description Here Lee Yankou stopped by today to show me the latest issue of SBC magazine. For all of you that dont know that mag its a Canadian mag. He's the latest recruit to the Foundation international team of schredders rocking the F.
Posted March 22nd, 2007

Foundation Max Genin gets cover of French Thrasher

Image Description Here One of are Foundation international team riders recently came up on the cover of the French version of Thrasher. You can watch a couple of clips of max in the friends section of Cataclysmic Abyss also.
Posted March 22nd, 2007

Foundation up close and personal with Sierra

Image Description Here Sierra went from the Globe contest to the Foundation SF trip and is now preparing to go to Arizona for a week or so. Busy man. See everybody at Phoenix Am.
Posted March 21st, 2007

Foundation Matt coming in hot with a ...

Image Description Here smile on Corey's couch. Matt returned from SF today. He's thinking about going out to Phoenix Am. What do you all think?
Posted March 20th, 2007

Foundation we're not in Southern California anymore

Image Description Here Image Description Here We've been up in SF for a couple days now. Joe Brook let us raid the Thrasher and Slap warehouse. We all took advantage of that. Thanks again! Now we're just going to random spots with Joe shooting some photos here and there. The schedule is skate from 11 am to 1 am straight.
Posted March 18th, 2007 by duh and duh

Foundation we finished up the last demo

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Started the day off hitting up this skate shop and the new Santa Cruz skate park. Had yet another BBQ with some new friends. Then we drove up the coast to Pacifica for a little indoor demo inside the Log Shop. Fun times had by all. We're done with the shop appearances and now street skating for the next couple of days.
Posted March 16th, 2007

Foundation 2nd day on the road

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here We woke up in the best hotel ever then proceeded to watch the best ghost tv show ever. Made it to the demo on time(about a block away from the hotel). The guys signed a couple autographs then headed over to the local park for a demo and video screening. All went very well. Total epicness. i want to thank Mobleys and the skate park for having us. Everyone had a ton of fun. See you next time. Next up is a appearance in Santa Cruz around noon tomorrow then a demo in Santa Maria after that. We're deffiently not in the best hotel ever anymore...
Posted March 14th, 2007

Foundation Slash was at the Cataclysmic LA party...

he gave the video a thumbs up. thanks dude..your check is in the mail.
photo: danozone
Posted March 14th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation 1/3 shop appearances...done

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Foundation is on the road. We showed up a little late in Santa Maria but the demo/shop signing went off great. Thanks to One Way boardshop for a good time. We're in Atascadero right now in about the nicest hotel ever. Demo tomorrow about a quarter mile away from are hotel. Maybe we'll actually be on time.
Posted March 13th, 2007

Foundation Foundation box set blurb in MassAppeal

Image Description Here
Image Description Here
Posted March 12th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation what are these guys doing

Image Description Here
Posted March 12th, 2007

Foundation lurking

Image Description Here
Posted March 9th, 2007

Foundation Duffel got a shoe sponsor

Image Description Here Corey Duffel is the newest member of the Osiris Family. Let the madness begin! Corey brings original flavor to the brand with his unique approach to skating. He is well known for ripping spots and continues to crush everything in his path. When asked what made him decide to join Osiris, his response was simply, Buttery kicks and sick team. Basically, its tits. Corey is a welcomed addition to Osiris and we are looking forward to see what tricks he has up his sleeve. Kick out the jams Corey!
Posted March 8th, 2007

Foundation we're getting ready to head out

Image Description Here Quick trip up north for a couple demos and some street skating. Heres the scheduled stops. March 13th - One Way Board Shop in Santa Maria, CA March 14th - Mobley's in Atascadero, CA March 15th - Log Shop in Pacifica, CA
Posted March 8th, 2007

Foundation the time has come

Image Description Here Videos were shipped out yesterday. hoo haw
Posted March 7th, 2007

Foundation finally a skate shot

Image Description Here Gareth frontside 180 over the rail to thread the needle through the fence. Danger! Photo Jeff Morris
Posted March 6th, 2007

Foundation paint it black

Image Description Here
Posted March 5th, 2007

Foundation more Cataclysmic Abyss premieres...

Der neue Foundation Streifen namens Cataclysmic Abyss ist ab Montag dem 19.3.2007 in jedem fein sortierten Skateshop in deiner Nähe am Start ! Mit dabei sind u.a. Corey Duffel, Sierra Fellas, Ethan Fowler, ... ...des Weiteren wird munkelt, dass unser deutscher Foundation-Ripper Patrick Streiter aus Osnabrück im Friends-Part zu erblicken ist ?!? Vor dem Erscheinungsdatum gibt es bereits die Möglichkeit das Video auf folgenden Premieren zu beleuern: So. 4.3.2007 - 18:00 Uhr @ Skatehall OS (Osnabrück) Presented by Titus Osnabrück Fr. 9.3.2007 - 22:00 Uhr @ Parzelle (Hamburg) Presented by Mantis Lifestore Fr. 9.3.2007 - 18:00 Uhr @ Titus Rollsport (Münster) Presented by Titus Münster Do. 15.3.2007 - 21.00 Uhr @ Blue Shell (Köln) Presented by Pivot Skateshop Sa. 17.3.2007 - 19:00 Uhr @ Terra-X (Nürnberg) Presented by Terra-X Skateshop Reingehauen, Dein 24/7-Team
Posted March 5th, 2007 by the only words i can make out are the riders names

Foundation Sierra came up on some cash

Image Description Here I caught up on the Globe contest today. Noticed Sierra landed a couple tricks taking home a couple thousand dollars. This is a switch heelflip photo. Heres the footage of the competition.
Posted March 3rd, 2007

Foundation waiting for the vid

Image Description Here Gareth claims his spot in the theater. The flickr site is updated. I came across some stats for the photos just now. 147 photos / 11,805 views. Nice. Image Description Here
Posted March 2nd, 2007

Foundation a look of disbelief

Image Description Here Duffel looking concered. He was probably thinking about the 12 people staying at his house this weekend. Abdias being one of them. Call me when you get a chance or answer you're emails Abdias.
Posted March 1st, 2007