Posts From May 2007

Foundation Sierra at Woodward camp

Image Description Here Sierra Fellers will be at the Woodward, PA facility from June 17th - June 23rd. Hopefully training in the foam pit for King Of The Road.
Posted May 30th, 2007

Foundation Split in Colorado photos

Image Description Here Actually just photo. 1 total to be exact.
Posted May 29th, 2007 by for me to poop on

Foundation Foundation is on King Of The Road!

Image Description Here
Image Description Here We will be traveling from the East coast to the West coast starting in August. Be on the look out for us. Or not.
Posted May 24th, 2007

Foundation I dont know what to think

Image Description Here Image Description Here Stupid invention but fun to try. So maybe its cool? I present to you Tail Devils. To bad Angel didn't have the tail devil for this blunt fakie.
Posted May 23rd, 2007

Foundation becoming famous isnt easy but...

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here somebodys gotta do it. So I got the call to come down to this super top secret ditch. location unknown. My job - Bring the talent to film for a Fuel TV Built to Shred episode. Met some friends there. Met some Nate Sherwoods there. No biggie just another day in San Diego. Sean did some lien to tail like stuff on the sketchy quarter pipe. I grinded this rail a couple times switch. And we left for the day. Thanks for the good times. And see you again today i think? Around noon. But don't tell anybody. Dont want the spot getting blown out.
Posted May 22nd, 2007

Foundation its a must have

Image Description Here Abdias drove down to pick up the newely released Foundation "A Nice Tee". I'm pretty sure all his friends will want one too.
Posted May 18th, 2007

Foundation Cataclysmic Blog Abyss!

Mike Sutfin (art wizard and long time tum yeto homie who painted the cover of CA) started a fresh new blog. Check it out...he just put up some insider info about working on the F video project... including some commentary and never been seen sketches.
Posted May 17th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation yep

Image Description Here Sean got a little interview on the Vital skate website. You can look at it here. or here. or here.
Posted May 14th, 2007

Foundation Split demo

Image Description Here
Posted May 10th, 2007

Foundation FUDGE online interview!

Travis Millard is good people. Foundation is down for Fudge and he has been lending
his oddly shaped hands to the F for awhile now.Check out his new interview on
There are some Foundation things to check out too. And if you are super down you will go to his newly updated website and lurk for days.
Posted May 9th, 2007 by Minister of Propaganda

Foundation You got it forsure

Image Description Here I love that part about skating. No matter how far off the person is from landing the trick. You always here the "you got it forsure" from the kid that isnt skating and just wants to be entertained. Thats usually me. But he really did he have it. It just wasnt the handstand front blunt down the rail that I'm showing here. And Bart was killing it.
Posted May 8th, 2007

Foundation a day with...

Image Description Here Image Description Here Gareth Stehr. Met at Brooklyn to see if anybody wanted to get gnarly. And ended up mostly skating the bump to bar. Gareth got the tweaked out ollie. Then kind of started to invent his own little trick. Put the board up vertically on the rail and jump on it. Looks like a tail block in the photo. More photos tomorrow.
Posted May 7th, 2007

Foundation new dinosaur shapes dropping...

Image Description Here So sometimes this place turns into woodshop and crazy shapped boards are the new cool thing to make. Seems that way lately. First we had the razor blade board cut and painted to look like a razor blade. But now a T rex board?! What the hell is going on around here. Fully funtional T rex Foundation board. Get some.
Posted May 3rd, 2007

Foundation homies with some new boards

Image Description Here Sean and Chris show off the new Cataclysmic Abyss Foundation boards.
Posted May 2nd, 2007

Foundation Mike checking in

Image Description Here Here's one picture of him to look at.
Posted May 1st, 2007