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Foundation Angel's surprise going pro party photos

Image Description Here We held a surprise going pro party for Angel in Denver, CO and our rep out there had the pics to prove it. Image Description Here Angel had no idea but all his friends from Colorado were there to surprise him. Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here ...Meanwhile back at the homestead. Which is across the street from the bar where the party was hosted Angel smokes one last cigarette as a amateur skateboarder. Now he will be smoking as a professional. Image Description Here Now he is brought to the location where he will be meeting the rest of his friends for the usual Thursday night gathering... Image Description Here Where his pro model boards were hanging! Image Description Here Surprise Angel you are now Pro! Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Chicks love pros! Image Description Here Image Description Here Do take notice of the shirt changes going on... Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Goodnight Denver...its a wrap.
Posted August 30th, 2008

Foundation Angel Ramirez: out with the Am in with the Pro

Image Description Here Angel Ramirez is now a Professional skateboarder! Stay tuned for some super overload blogging from his pro announcement last night in Denver.
Posted August 29th, 2008

Foundation How to shifty flip in front of fans starring...

Image Description Here Abdias Rivera! This was shot at last years Pheonix Am and he was doing these in his runs every try. Image Description Here Heres the part that you really don't want to mess up. Picture the crowd in their underwear and imagine the fire hydrant being a small pebble. Pop your board. Image Description Here Stay focused and keep the board under you. But remember to flick the shit out of it. And pretend you're doing a frontside flip but like only a baby frontside flip because you only need to rotate it 90 degrees since its a shifty. Image Description Here Think light as a feather and rotate those hips. Image Description Here Once you get this high try not to just fall straight down onto the fire hydrant on your baby maker. Image Description Here Prepare to land and not fall. Also slowly start rotating it back to straight. Image Description Here Don't land 90 or else its just gonna be like a stupid flip or something. I don't even know what to call that. Image Description Here Land straight as a arrow and roll away screaming Yes Yes Yes. Then throw your hands up and start the YMCA celebration dance and hope the crowd follows...
Posted August 28th, 2008

Foundation how to tail drop starring Gareth Stehr

Image Description Here I found this sequence of Gareth that hadn't been used for anything so I figured what better way than to post a instructional trick tip. These are my words not his. I'm just using him as my stunt dummy. Step 1: Climb onto the highest possible structure you can. Hopefully it's high enough where you can't even see the bottom where you're supposed to land. Image Description Here Step 2: Get in tail drop posistion or dump truck or nosepick or handstand or criss cross applesauce or whatever you feel comfortable jumping from onto a skateboard. Image Description Here Step 3: This is actually part of step 2 but it's so important that I'm highlighting it and including it in it's own step. Point to your friend at the bottom and say "this is for chicks" or "get money" or "pirate life" or "gangster life" or whatever you feel comfortable getting into at that moment in time. Image Description Here Step 4: Go for it. Image Description Here Step 5: Don't think about falling. Think about landing. Think happy thoughts... Image Description Here Step 6: Be very thankful that you didn't completely mess this up! Suck up the impact and party down onto safe grounds to celebrate. Image Description Here Step 7: Make sure all your friends filmed it. Go straight home and edit it to a sweet song and send it in for sponsorship opportunities.
Posted August 27th, 2008

Foundation Our little Mag Minute Angel

Image Description Here Angel is featured in the Skateboard Mags latest Mag Minute. Image Description Here This just for photos of Angel for the Thrasher contest also...
Posted August 26th, 2008

Foundation randomness

Image Description Here Remember when Alex was more of a actor than a skater? Well I heard he's hit it big time and landed something epic in the new Slap magazine... Image Description Here Oh David how handsome you have become. Have fun on your trip to the Northwest. Give Angel my best. Image Description Here Sometimes when I'm at work I wish I was no other place than the bottom of the Woodward foam pit.
Posted August 22nd, 2008

Foundation couple things couple things

Image Description Here Check out Corey at this Osiris signing. And... Image Description Here ...And Split just posted a video website featuring Nuge and Corey.
Posted August 21st, 2008

Foundation Nuge Photo Hunt on the Thrasher site

Image Description Here Thrasher is having a contest on their site featuring Nuge. They will be giving away a Foundation complete every week. Good luck and don't blow it.
Posted August 19th, 2008

Foundation Foundation BBQ with 303 Boardshop

Image Description Here Foundation and 303 Boardshop are hosting a BBQ. Don't miss it!
Posted August 19th, 2008

Foundation Congress of Freaks: Featuring Corey

Image Description Here Osiris just posted a little article about the Skate & Create contest Transworld hosted. Check out the footage and photos from it.
Posted August 18th, 2008

Foundation true fan

Image Description Here Evolution Skateshop in Ohio just had a interesting visitor walk into the shop. Is this the start of a new Foundation giveaway. Dress up like Duffman for prizes?? Because I'm sending this kid a board... If you think have you done something worthy of a prize then email me. I'm taking Foundation related costumes at the moment...
Posted August 15th, 2008

Foundation The Foundation Team At Woodward West

Image Description Here We just posted a new video from our recent trip to Woodward West.
Posted August 14th, 2008

Foundation hard at lurk

Image Description Here Angel doesn't have footage over at the FKD bearings site but Sierra does. Take a gander.
Posted August 14th, 2008

Foundation Banging with Sierra

Image Description Here Sierra has some footage posted over at the Berrics.
Posted August 13th, 2008

Foundation Angel of death...

Image Description Here David sent me this photo of Angel the other day. He said something along the lines of your really gonna like this photo or this photo is good for the site. Something like that. Sweet. Yeah David I love this photo it looks like it was taken with a disposable camera from 1975 then developed at the local gas station, then rubbed in dirt, then ran over by a car, then left out in the ran, then scanned in and sent to me. Thanks David.
Posted August 11th, 2008

Foundation Getting it done

Image Description Here Bill Marshall a East Coast Foundation rep flow rider who has been getting it done lately. Check out his Who's Hot in Skateboarder.
Posted August 8th, 2008

Foundation Johnny Romano update...

Image Description Here Real Skateboards rider Johnny Romano has been moved back into the ICU and could really use some words of encouragement from you guys. Go to this link and leave him a message. Room 910. Everyone at TumYeto is thinking about you Johnny. We got your back! Get better soon!
Posted August 6th, 2008

Foundation Circa Combat coming to a town near you

Image Description Here Image Description Here The somewhat still new formed team Circa Combat featuring Foundation riders Abdias Rivera and Don "Nuge" Nguyen will be shredding in the East Coast. Look for a location near you! Just watch the last clip of that video. Wow.
Posted August 6th, 2008

Foundation Foundation X-games coverage

Image Description Here Corey and Sierra have been at the X-games the past couple of days. Also Toy Machine's Johnny Layton. Image Description Here Duffel 50-50's a graffiti covered rail. Image Description Here Sierra kickflip backlip. Image Description Here Duffel nosegrinds. Image Description Here Both the guys suffered injuries and had to be checked out by the trainers. Image Description Here
Posted August 1st, 2008