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Foundation Me and my BOO

Be careful this Halloween. There is a weird smell in the air..... Image Description Here Shhhhhhh! What was that? Image Description Here Pheww...just a couple of zombies. Image Description Here And the rest of their zombie posse. Image Description Here Be prepared for anything tonight... Image Description Here Even the pumpkin smash dance. preetty scary.
Posted October 31st, 2008 by that girl

Foundation tricks are for kids

Image Description Here Our team for Damn Am was looking strong. Especially David and his new signature smile. Which consists of nothing to do with smiling.
Posted October 29th, 2008

Foundation What's new with us you ask?

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here To find out what the team has been up too you don't have to look far. Sierra was recently on a Hawaiian vacation with Dakine. While Angel finally made it back to Denver to follow up on getting his I.D. card renewed. David the writer/cover boy has been seen with the Skateboarder photographer Bradford in and around Long Beach, CA. Abdias and Nuge are heading to Texas for a Make a Wish based skate trip. I wonder if Nuge knows if Shad got his first photo flow Pig promo box yet. It's a nice new addition to the team. Wonder who else will make the cut. Bart? Check out the Dekline site to find out what Gareth's been up too. Or maybe the Osiris site to check out a Corey interview. Alex Gordouros has the latest Foundation ad so be on the lookout for that jaw dropper. If you want to catch all these guys in one place at one time maybe you should stop by the Boarders signing on November 1st. Or check out some old but new photos that you haven't seen from Foundations recent Australian tour. Thanks Peter!
Posted October 28th, 2008

Foundation Those Damn Ams

Image Description Here Instead of going to contests anymore I decided I can just watch them online. 1/2 the hassle and 1/1225 the fun...perfect. I spotted a couple of our damn ams in this footage of Volcom's Damn Am competition this past weekend.
Posted October 27th, 2008 by that girl

Foundation Industry signing on the 1st!

Image Description Here Here's the bigger more readable version.
Posted October 23rd, 2008

Foundation How to no comply flip up curbs featuring Nuge

Image Description Here Like kinda recently Nuge was like hey want to shoot a buttery sequence of a no comply flip up a curb. And I think my exact response to the T was like sure. Then I continued to set up my flashes and tri pod thingamajigs that I've seen the professionals do. Image Description Here Once completely set up I think I followed with a "hey"(short pause) "just do it, Nike style". Than Nuge hit me hard with it. A no comply flip up a curb. I can shoot about 1 frame per 2 minutes so I managed to snag the whole entire sequence in a little over 10 minutes for one trick. Not bad. Image Description Here My camera was a tad bit slow to get the roll up but I followed strong with the first initial board leaving the ground part of the trick. The pop... Image Description Here At this point I was thinking to myself "dang he's got the height and the distance to actually make it up this curb"...then I was thinking like "dang.. I'm pretty hungry I hope he lands this quick so I can go get some food and probably a extra hot Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks". Image Description Here This is my favorite frame from the sequence I think maybe, but still not sure but almost not positive. The one footed mongo catch. At this point I was almost 100% that it was a make. Image Description Here Watch out the board hasn't completely flipped over to the good side yet! Somebody tell him... haha.. just kidding. He knows what he's doing. Image Description Here Your ankles are about to be done if you land on the trucks and wheels side of the board. At this moment I was thinking to myself.. I wonder if he wears size 9.5 shoes cause he probably won't need as many Circa's if hes hurt... Image Description Here He pulled it! Well he has atleast landed pretty solidly on the board. Lets see the ride away before we make a assumption. Image Description Here Yep. It was perfect. Chalk one up on the sequence board for Nuge. Now celebrate by posing next to weird graffiti tagged in foreign countries.
Posted October 22nd, 2008

Foundation boys will be boys

Image Description Here Davids been lost in Utah with the Circa boys for the past week or so. All heading back just in time for this weekends Damn Am in Costa Mesa. See you all there. Do you predict a fire?
Posted October 20th, 2008

Foundation The Testament

Image Description Here Blue foot is hosting a screening of the Foundation Testament this Sunday, October 26th @ 8pm. If you live in San Diego come out and join us, if not buy your airplane ticket here.
Posted October 20th, 2008 by that girl

Foundation Active signing featuring special celebrity guest

*Make sure to click and open every link so you completely follow the story I'm about to unfold before your eyes. I want to make sure the viewers(you) utilize every possible link acquirable for complete understand meant of the utmost seriousness of the situation ourselves the Foundation Skateboard team recently experienced.* Image Description Here Image Description Here When arriving at Active Orange and Active Chino last Sunday for a team signing there was no way in knowing how eventful our day was about to become. The presence was probably so strong that It overlapped from being able to feel it all the way back over to not being able to feel it. If that makes sense. No presence was felt. Maybe you can't feel the presence of somebody that invented presence. I'm not sure. Sometimes when you say the same word over and over again that word doesn't make sense. That did not happen yet with the word presence. Image Description Here Our little Angel didn't even know what to expect out of the day. Image Description Here Nor did his fellow Coloradian cover boy David. Image Description Here Abdias made it out for the days events. Image Description Here Santa Monican resident Alex Gourdouros was on site. Image Description Here Corey hung around after the Downtown Showdown to hang with the bros on signing Sunday. Image Description Here Angel with a young Angel fan. Image Description Here I don't see anything out of the ordinary yet...hmmm. Looks like a typical signing so far. Kids in line. Autographs. High fives. You know the typical stuff. But wait...Who did we not know was a big Foundation fan? That was waiting outside for us to come out so he could personally meet. Any guesses? Didn't think so... Image Description Here "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair! What the............ Image Description Here NO BIG DEAL. Just hanging out with Ric Flair. WOOOOOO! Image Description Here After seeing the worlds greatest person I couldn't focus. I had to pull over for a quick Chino park session. Image Description Here Chino park. Image Description Here Good thing their was a unicycle demo going on. Wow. What a day. Image Description Here At least the cops didn't come and kick out a 100 plus kids from the park for not wearing full pads and ankle guards and chin straps and ear pads and toe guards and eye goggles and neck cover uppers and pinky finger protectors. Oh wait actually they did. Looking back on the day I wouldn't have done anything different. Except maybe had Ric body slam me or Woooo loud enough in one ear to permanently damage a ear drum or maybe bottled up a little bit of his sweat for ebay or maybe asked him what it was like being called the nature boy but being the complete opposite of a boy now. All in all a day I will never forget. Just my day with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. No Big Deal. But in all seriousness and respectableness go to the Active site to check out their blog from the day.
Posted October 17th, 2008

Foundation This just in from Kangarooland

Image Description Here Our friends over at Tacky World posted a photo gallery from our recent vacation over to Australia. Have a looksie. Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here
Posted October 16th, 2008

Foundation America vs Australia: Boomerang school?

Image Description Here While walking through the cuts in Australia which probably wasn't the cuts and I'm just hyping the story I ran into a very unfamiliar store. That specializes in teaching you how to boomerang? WHAT THE... Image Description Here Australia perspective: Boomerang school. You don't have these? We send our kids there when they have been wagging school. You call that hookey. America perspective: This is like the next step in Nintendo Wii. Real life Zelda and shit. You're actually a character in the game but you are yourself. And you have to go to awesome places like boomerang school to get sticks that you throw that come back to you. What a stupid invention. But is awesome at the same time. Its like playing fetch with yourself. Big up's and mad respect to the Australians who are paving the road to the future of video games. Australia - 1 America - 0 Totals Australia - 3 America - 1
Posted October 15th, 2008

Foundation my LA experience

Image Description Here When I drove up to LA for the Van's Downtown Showdown I quickly became trapped in traffic. Strapped with my digital camera I took it upon myself to blog. Once freed from the closterfobicness(I just invented a word).. I took a couple more photos. Image Description Here Voss is the best possible water you can buy. And it completely sold me on the container it came in. Job well done Voss. Please send me a pallet of water. Thank you. Image Description Here Dentyne Ice. Arctic Chill I think its called.The best gum you can buy. Or steal. Image Description Here The whole reason I wanted to do this random blog was to say that I was blogging hogs. haha. Blogging hogs. Guess it was funnier 4 days ago when I was by myself in the van. Image Description Here Blogging hogs. haha. Still funny actually. Image Description Here What the... Image Description Here Spring Break 1960! But once I made it to the showdown I got to witness the best possible obstacle ever invented. Peter from Goliath distribution also sent me this video link of David, Sierra, and Corey skating the Riverside park in Australia from a couple weeks back.
Posted October 14th, 2008

Foundation more from the Downtown Showdown

Image Description Here Nuge is interviewed... Image Description Here Chris can I please have my sweatshirt back? Thanks. - Your best friend Image Description Here David gets curvy with a noseblunt around the moon. This time shot from the other side. Image Description Here Angel started drinking I guess? Weird. Image Description Here And mixing Toy graphics with Foundation ones...Creative little guy. Image Description Here Corey and David reflecting on the day. Image Description Here Did I mention that it was really cold? It went from Summer to winter all in the same day. Winter.. haha I forgot we live in California. Not winter. Just a colder than usual night.
Posted October 13th, 2008

Foundation The Downtown Showdown picture extravaganza

Image Description Here Alex Gourdouros was there. Image Description Here As well as Angel Ramirez. They both skated the girl obstacle. Image Description Here Angel has a posse... Image Description Here Oh and David graced us with his presence as well. Image Description Here If you look directly into the sun you might see a Abdias Rivera frontside flipping the Black Label obstacle... Image Description Here The Creature obstacle. Image Description Here David warms up on our obstacle with a frontside lipslide. Image Description Here Then he continued onto noseblunt around the curve of the moon. One of the best tricks out of the whole night. Good job Mr. Reyes. Image Description Here Corey was in attendance as well but couldn't skate due to a dislocated toe from our recent Australian tour.
Posted October 13th, 2008

Foundation Vans Downtown Showdown practice pics

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here If you can't make it to the contest then check out the live web cast here.
Posted October 11th, 2008

Foundation Downtown Showdown

Image Description Here Vans Downtown Showdown is tomorrow, Saturday October 11th in LA. We will be revealing our very secretive obstacle for the competition and the team will be there to compete. Watch it live.
Posted October 10th, 2008 by that girl

Foundation Don't look here

Image Description Here Because you might see something you arn't supposed to see until tomorrow.
Posted October 10th, 2008

Foundation America vs Australia: Basketball hoops

So I noticed while Down Under that they had a different type of basketball hoops going on. Not all hoops were like this but I did notice some different looking ones. And the pole with the basket on top of it actually might maybe be from New Zealand. But that's pretty much the same place right? Australia... New Zealand... sounds the same to me atleast... Image Description Here Image Description Here Australian perspective: the tall ring on a stick is a net ball ring. Its a bizarre game kinda cross between Euro handball and basketball. Its played by girls. Its totally non contact but you cant run when you got the ball so if you ever wonder why some Aussie girls stomp you may have your answer. The double horizontal ring looks like an urban drug induced ring that could be any city in the world. American perspective: I guess since they don't need a backboard for there hoop you could say that they are better at basketball then us. I guess a backboard is kinda sissy now that I think about it. Now I look at American Basketball and think to myself that it's a girls sport. If you want to play a man's version head Down Under you sissy little Americans. The sideways basketball is kinda hard to discuss because I'm not sure if its art or a actual hoop that has a purpose. Remember when MTV had that Rock N Jock basketball game every year or whatever? Reminds me of that... Australia - 1 America - 0 Totals Australia - 2 America - 1
Posted October 9th, 2008

Foundation America vs Australia: Bathroom Etiquette

A unidentifiable person from Goliath Distribution in Australia will now be taking the Australian's side of this blog article. Be prepared for country wars. But probably not. Image Description Here One of the first things I didn't understand when arriving in Australia was the need for 2 flushing devices on the toilets. One for a super flush and 1 for a medium flush. Hmmm...doesn't really seem necessary. Or does it? I couldn't figure out which one was for what. Mini flush for number 1's and super flushes for number 2's? Super flush if you wanted a little bit of excitement in your day? Mini flush if you went but your friend was sleeping in the next room and you didn't want to wake him? Sometimes I would just push both at the same time for super mini flushes. Hoping something cool happened. It didn't. Image Description Here I then noticed that in public restrooms in sketchy area's, actually let me rephrase that..not sketchy area's because I saw them at the airport as well, I noticed they have needle donation boxes. What the... Australian perspective: We encourage our intravenous drug users not to litter. I'm not too sure if they are getting the message. American perspective: Was there a lot of people in town that needed flu shots from recycled needles? Never seen this one before.. Australia - 0 America - 1 Totals Australia - 1 America - 1
Posted October 8th, 2008

Foundation Breaking Records

Foundation's Worlds Biggest Skateboard made it out to Weezer's music video. The video was about breaking records, so yeah, we were kind of a BIG deal. We broke the record for "most people to ride a skateboard". Watch!
22 people to Ride A problem.
Posted October 8th, 2008 by that girl

Foundation Breaking Records

Image Description Here Image Description Here Foundation's Worlds Biggest Skateboard made it out to Weezer's music video "Troublemaker". The video was about breaking records, so yeah, we were kind of a BIG deal. We broke the record for "most people to ride a skateboard". Watch!
Posted October 8th, 2008 by that girl

Foundation America vs Australia: Graffiti

This is my first installment on the differences from my perspective on America and Australia. I wound up with a assortment of random photos from our recent travels to Australia. I saved them all and now I will begin the sharing process. With commentary of course. Make sure you include your own comments on the photos in the appropriate areas for blogger looker on-ers. Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Australia perspective: I don't know because I'm not Australian. Duh. I need a second opinion. I need a Australian. I'm getting in contact with Goliath Distribution. Plan on tomorrow's post to have a real explanation on some of the unique differences I noticed Down Under compared to the States. They can maybe explain some of these things I found odd. America perspective: If you tagged "guns aint shit" here you would probably get shot while writing it. I wish it said like "guns aint shit but boomerangs are". Something like that would make a little more sense or at least explain their thought process. They have a nice variety of tagging there though I will admit. We have limited variety here. Mostly just gang names or tagging names. Nothing clever like Eat Poo. Man. Australia - 1 America - 0
Posted October 7th, 2008

Foundation more from Kangarooland

Image Description Here Image Description Here Our friends over at Goliath Distribution in Melbourne Australia sent over this video of a couple riders including Foundation Australian rider Simon Lyddiard ripping at a demo.. We ran into him(not literally, that was another kid) at one of the demos when we were in Australia a couple weeks ago. I wonder how many Kangaroo's Simon has seen in his lifetime. And I wonder how many more he will see as well.
Posted October 7th, 2008

Foundation Footage from GvR weekend

Image Description Here Brian caught up with some Tum Yeto riders at last weekends Goofy vs. Regular contest. We wanted to hear everyone's strategy on winning.
Posted October 7th, 2008

Foundation Goofy vs. Regular weekend

Image Description Here This past weekend TumYeto riders and employees all made there way up to Lake Forest for the annual Goofy vs. Regular contest at Sole Tech. Even the rain couldn't stop this contest from happening. Here's a couple photos from the weekend. Image Description Here Nuge came out. Image Description Here As well as Alex. Image Description Here Super Angel was there. Image Description Here Image Description Here Foundation flow rider Leticia with a lipslide on the 11 stair rail. Image Description Here Our booth featured a Billy's Balls inspired game. Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Bart Jones. Professional paid blogger.
Posted October 6th, 2008

Foundation see you there

Image Description Here Alex and Angel will be holding it down for the Goofy footers this weekend. Image Description Here And will be at the Active signing next weekend as well. Along with the rest of the team.
Posted October 3rd, 2008

Foundation Angel Ramirez video

Image Description Here Since Angel is our newest pro we put together this video of him. Check it out.
Posted October 1st, 2008

Foundation Pillage and Plunder Down Under day 15

Image Description Here Today was our last day of the trip. After a solid 2 weeks traveling up the east side of Australia all the way to Auckland, New Zealand. David sets up a new board for one more session before hoping on a day long flight back to the states. Image Description Here Image Description Here Sierra was up for one more session as well. Image Description Here We had one last meal in New Zealand. We chose the mall as our choice. Lots of variety and also fun things for little kids like David to do. Image Description Here Exhibit A. The human rubber band. Image Description Here Looks promising so far. Image Description Here Weeeeeee. Image Description Here Nice moves. Playing dead. Image Description Here One last team shot before we headed to the airport. Image Description Here Image Description Here Our flight got delayed so we had some free time to watch all the footage from the trip. Image Description Here When finally being able to head through security we had to say bye to our good friends at Irrom Distribution. Morri, Bill, and Rhys. Thanks for everything guys. Image Description Here California...home sweet home. Back to freeway traffic and gangs that have guns. Image Description Here Rhino looks ready to be home...
Posted October 1st, 2008