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Foundation Enter to Win!

Win a Sierra Fellers Prize pack at CCS!
Posted June 30th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Video Deadline is here

Coming in hot!
Posted June 30th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Taylor Smith update

Taylor Smith's ankle is on the mend. His ripping spree starts here....
Posted June 24th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Tum Yeto GSD Party!

Yea, it's not wild in streets with thousands of skateboarders taking over a city. It's just the second annual Tum Yeto LoFi and local skate jam at EMB. Maybe a couple hunski rippers showed up at this prime San Diego spot on the harbor. Some jenky obstacles and the Barker grilling up some dogs for anyone who had a skateboard added to the ambiance of the party. Some kid asked me when we were giving away free stuff. I told him, "hey kid it's all about skating and having a good time." He walked away with disdain and angst towards me. Tum Yeto posse Johnny Layton, Nick Merlino, Sierra Fellers, Corey Duffel, Ryan Spencer, Taylor Smith and a bunch of other dirtbags all showed up to shralp.

It couldn't get much more boring than that. I think I got too much sun.

Yea GSD!

Here's a video recap from our friends at Typical Culture.
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Chillaxing Yeto style.
Posted June 23rd, 2011 by swankzine

Foundation Ryan Spencer & Nick Merlino Fresh Crops

Check out Ryan and Nick over at The Skateboard Mag in the Fresh Crops feature
Posted June 23rd, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Ryan Spencer interview

Ryan Spencer has a interview over at ESPN. Check it!
Posted June 20th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation WTF!?!? Yuck Fou socks now in stock at TYHQ USA!

That's right secret society members. Yuck Fou continues to invade the minds of millions through subvert propaganda and guerilla marketing. Yuck Fou socks out now. Demand from your local skate hack today. If they fail you go here and buy a weeks worth.
8084p1000991_tiny.jpg 8084p1000986_tiny.jpg 8084p1000987_tiny.jpg 8084p1000988_tiny.jpg 8084p1000989_tiny.jpg 8084p1000992_tiny.jpg 8084p1000994_tiny.jpg
Ankle biters unite!
Posted June 18th, 2011 by swankzine

Foundation Tum Yeto GSD at EMB SD Proper!

I know, I know. We did this last year and it was a blast! We like the local lofi events. Good times. Party forward.
Sorry this flier is so lame....
Posted June 17th, 2011 by swankzine

Foundation Dakota Servold The Skateboard Mag spread!

Dakota got new issue #89 of The Skateboard Mag Contents spread. Representing hard with OG Star and Moon deck and sweaty. Yea Dakota. Keep on killing it!
The Star and Moon represents represents the unknown, far reaching universe and that we are so graced to live on this amazing planet and live an amazing life. Make the most of it people! WTF!
Posted June 17th, 2011 by swankzine

Foundation Marquis Preston Stay Gold B-Sides

10 minutes of Marquis!
Posted June 17th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Welcome to the team Ryan Spencer

Foundation would like to welcome Ryan Spencer to the F squad!
Posted June 10th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Limited Edition Classic Swank Photo To Benefit Duane Peters

Limited Edition Classic Swank Photo Available To Benefit Duane Peters
1981 Tod Swank image of DP and photographer Glen E. Friedman signed by all 3!
This classic 1981 image of Duane Peters performing his signature DP Layback is available now in limited edition of 13 prints, and for a limited time only.
This is your only chance to get this shot of a true classic, The Master Of Disaster himself, ripping the Del Mar Skateboard Ranch in Southern California at the 1981 pro-am contest while also being photographed by the legendary Glen E. Friedman (pictured at Left). The limited series of 13 prints will be signed by all three Legends: Duane Peters, Glen E. Friedman, and photographer-turned-pro-turned-skate-industry-mogul Tod Swank.

The auction ends Tuesday, June 14, 2011, unless all prints sell out before then.
Get it while you can!
eBay Listing:
All proceeds will help Duane Peters pay his mass of medical bills. He saved his own leg! But now it’s time to pay the piper. So earlier this month a group of Duane’s friends and supporters got together and put several items up for auction on eBay. Some amazing collectibles and custom-made pieces, like original Mark Gonzales artwork, or a DP-themed skate scooter handmade by Jason Adams and Reeps. Some hosted fundraising events with bands and beer, or released products with a portion of proceeds going to Duane. And others just wrote checks.
Because you can thank Duane Peters for skating the way you do. You can thank Duane Peters for defining skateboarding in the 1980s, and setting it on its current course. He took the elegant freestyle of the 1970s and shoved it through a meat grinder. He took skateboarding “Off The Wall” and went balls-to-the-wall. He put the snarl in gnarl, the punk in rock, the fuck in you. Duane Peters isn’t a relic - he didn’t invent the Indy Air and disappear, retire, or fade away. Pushing 50, DP has been charging as hard as ever, skating, touring, slamming, and getting right back up to do it again. But recently the Master Of Disaster had a bad knee injury turn worse. Gangrene. The doctors prepared to amputate his leg, but Duane pleaded to save it. He knew that no leg would mean no skating. And without skating, he’d descend into old habits that would pretty quickly kill him. He’s been cleaning himself up, sharing the rough road with thousands of Twitter (@DuanePeters) and facebook followers, and keeping his head straight to be able to raise his son, Clash. But skateboarding is the compass that makes that effort possible. No leg, quite simply, would have meant no skating. And that would’ve meant the end of the Master Of Disaster.
Saving his leg meant saving himself. “Skate or Die” had never been more true than it was for Duane throughout his ordeal. But to save his leg, Duane underwent intense treatment and therapy. It was rigorous, painful, and very expensive. He’s been selling everything he owns, and he’s still got thousands of dollars in medical bills stacked up against him.
Duane needs our help (not just you or me, but us). He would never ask, so we are asking. The skateboarding family is about skaters helping skaters. It’s about seeing a brother like DP backed against the wall and doing something about it. Whatever you can. If we all lend a hand, two things will happen: we will collectively raise some money to help Duane, and in our efforts Duane will realize what he’s given us all. Over the decades he’s remained a champion for skateboarding. A champion for what skateboarding means. The print sale ends the evening of Tuesday, June 14. Get one, or get your friends to pitch in to share one. 
Help the Master Of Disaster get through this - he battled gangrene and saved his leg, and now you can help show your appreciation for the fact that he can still skate like a bat outta Hell! Participate and help out. He deserves this. And you deserve this opportunity.
Thanks for your generosity.
8061duanepetersfriedman_tiny.jpg 8061dprebatebuttonsm_tiny.jpg
Posted June 8th, 2011 by swankzine

Foundation Nick Merlino & Sierra Fellers

Incase you missed the Maloof Money Cup, here is footage of Nick Merlino and Sierra Fellers shredding during the finals.
Posted June 6th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Nick Merlino & Sierra Fellers

Congratulations to Nick Merlino for placing 5th at today's Maloof Cup out in NYC and Sierra for coming in 8th. WTF! coming soon.
80521nmmcup_tiny.JPG 80522nmmcup_tiny.JPG
Posted June 5th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Nick Merlino and Sierra Fellers update

Congratulations to Nick Merlino and SIerra Fellers making it to the finals in the NYC Maloof Money Cup. Check Skatepark of Tampa for live viewing and up to date results.
Posted June 4th, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation Hard at Work!

Here is our new am Ryan Spencer working hard for his part in WTF! Maloof cup this weekend Sierra Fellers & Nick Merlino will be shredding for the F.
Photo stolen from facebook...
Posted June 2nd, 2011 by Sinclair

Foundation WTF! editing

Tim is in deep editing mode right now.
79761wtfedits_tiny.JPG 79762wtfedits_tiny.JPG 79763wtfedits_tiny.JPG
Posted June 1st, 2011 by sinclair