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Foundation Cole Wilson part from the Kinship Video

Foundation flow ripper Cole Wilson and his friend Al Krohn shared a part in The Kinship Video giving us double the ripping. Film/Edit: Glen Hammerle and Matt Ballard
Posted July 24th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Nick Merlino Foundation Skateboards Commercial

Posted July 18th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Taylor Smith's Tee-Hee video part

T-Spliff has been on a killing spree this past year. Counting the last 16 months, Taylor has dropped 3 gnarly full length video parts. Today Thrasher Mag shared Taylor's latest video party in Tee-Hee; a video by Tum Yeto filmer Don Luong.  Check out his new part and peep Thrasher's photos and video coverage from Taylor's surprise pro party.
All photos courtsey of Thrasher Magazine. Click here to see lots more photos from the party.

Riley Hawk is hyped for his fellow Shep Dawg.

Kodi Boi taking care of the cake.

FoSkCo head honcho Tod Swank and his daughter Zoe came to party.

Corey ventured down from Duffleland for the celebration.


Video courtesy of Thrasher Magazine.

T-Spliff's video party in ShepDawgs Vol. 4

Video courtesy of the Shep Dawgs and Jacob Nunez.
Posted July 10th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation T-Spliff is PRO!!!

Foundation Skateboards is proud to introduce our newest pro, Taylor Smith! Congratulations Taylor! #TspliffIsPro

Surprise Splowse!

Shepdawgs filmer Jacob Nunez is stoked for the good homie!

Lil Zoe was hyped on the festivities.

Demand from your local skateshop!

T-Spliff pro deck available everywhere soon, including taco shops.

Cheers buddy!
Posted July 10th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Habitat Skateboards is Movin' Right Along

Foundation Skateboards is proud to welcome Habitat Skateboards to the Tum Yeto Collective!
It's official!
Habitat Skateboards is "Moving Right Along". Habitat will be joining the Tum Yeto Collective. New products available this Summer. Check us out at Agenda booth # BX57

Habitat Skateboards is "Movin RIght Along". from Habitat Skateboards on Vimeo.

Filmed & Edited by Joe Castrucci
Produced by Joe Castrucci & Brennan Conroy
In association with Tum Yeto
Stefan Janoski
Fred Gall
Silas Baxter-Neal
Brian Delatorre
Alex Davis
Mark Suciu
Daryl Angel
Danny Garcia
Marius Syvanen

With Special Guests
Austyn Gillette
Jason Dill
Matt Costa

Additional Filming
Miguel Valle
Sebastian Abes
Martin Reigel

Still Photography
John Humphries
Jessica Janoski
Posted July 8th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Tum Yeto Pocket Cam 21

Tum Yeto Pocket Cam 21 Super Tour video takes you back across country to North Carolina and Florida one more time just to get showed up by a snakeboarder on a seven stair with the kink cut off. We also picked your least favorite Bowie song just for shits and giggles. Get annoyed with the worst angles possible and enjoy the Tum Yeto crew.

Subscribe to the Yeto Youtube:
Posted July 7th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Dakota Servold | My Ride on Transworld Skateboarding Mag

Dakota Servold sits down with Transworld Skateboarding Mag and explains the specs of his ride that gets the job done. An 8.25 with 139 Indys? He makes it work—there’re some bangers in this edit! Find all of Dakota’s products from Foundation, Dekline, Independent, Bones Swiss, Bones Wheels, and Bro Style at
Posted July 3rd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Justin Damer | Palace 5ive

"I wanted to support my local shop (Palace 5ive) from across the country and this is what I came up with. Filmed a part in 5ive days to celebrate the relaunch of with their new web store...go buy something!"- Justin Damer.

Filmed by Bryan Betz & Adam Mills.

Posted July 2nd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson