Foundation Tum Yeeeto Weebsite Weener!!

The Tum Yeto website winner for April wasn't easy to find! We searched long and tall to find the perfect random winner. Actually the Tum Yeto HAL 2001 artificial intelligence server picked the winner. But who cares? All you know is that unless your name is Niki Moyer and you live in Pennsylvania, you've lost!

Niki is excited to get this big 'ol box of Foundation gear. A Jon West Bloodfest board (to celebrate Jon's new commercial) a set of original star & moon 53mm wheels, a couple of immoderate all cotton tees with screen printed logos, a pair of indigo jeans, Good Times are Killing Me tour video, 3.0 cap, one of the new day backpacks, a chainless chain wallet, OG beanie, a couple of accessories like a belt, coozie, yadda, yadda, some stickers and a Finger banner. and thats it! What! You want more! Jeeze!

You too can be deprived of your bereavement at only a fraction of the penalty. Just click on this little . to enter next months drawing.

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by el ztaffo
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